How To Segment Your List – List Segmentation 101

List Segmentation 101
List Segmentation How To

If you expect to get good results with your Email Marketing, you need to be sure you’re messaging is always hitting your prospects right between the eyes. Most small businesses start out with a “blast” approach to email marketing — aka, sending out one message to all subscribers and calling it a day. While this is certainly better than nothing at all, it’s certainly not going to deliver impressive results. The key to email marketing results is List Segmentation. This blog post offers an introduction to help you get started with List Segmentation 101.

Why Segment Your List?

You already know “the money is in the list.” But what you might not realize is that treating your list as a single entity is a very very bad idea.

The most important reason to segment your list is your prospects and customers simply do not want to be treated the same way. Each prospect wants to feel like exactly what he or she is — an individual with very specific preferences, interests, history, background, etc etc.

How To Collect The Right Data

List segmentation begins with collecting the right data from your prospects. There are several key moments in a prospect’s or customer’s experience with you that are…

The Best Email Marketing Tool For List Segmentation

In order to make all of this work effectively, you’re going to need the right tools to pull it off…

Delivering The Right Message At The Right Time

List segmentation is really about delivering the right message at the right time. The more you learn about your prospects through data capture and data analysis, the more control you’ll have over what kinds of message each segment of your…

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