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Get The Most Powerful Plugin for AliExpress Affiliates!
Get The Most Powerful Plugin for AliExpress Affiliates!

Get the Plugin and Start Your Affiliate Business

Whether you are a veteran marketer or you just enter the exciting world of affiliate marketing for the first time, AliExpress Plugin is your perfect choice!

Ali Partnership is an international company working on global market and developing world’s first plugin for Ali Express affiliate program.

Our primary goal is to help affiliates worldwide to work and earn money with AliExpress partnership program.

Why Choose AliExpress affiliate program?

This world’s No 1 retailer offers its affiliates:

  1. Great commission with tens of millions of products
  2. 3.5% website conversion rate and $140 order amount – on average
  3. Rewards, bonuses and monthly performance incentives
  4. Constant help and support for all affiliates

Being the world’s biggest merchant, AliExpress has a really huge catalogue. It takes much time to select items for your own affiliate store manually. Besides, very few people have an experience working with AliExpress so far – its own affiliate program is new in the market. But we have a great solution for both problems.

Why AliPlugin is a perfect tool for AliExpress affiliate program?

  1. It is WordPress based, since WP is the handiest and most popular platform in the world.
  2. It builds webstores in just minutes even if you have no experience at all!
  3. It selects items according to given parameters, easily uploads them to your store and updates on regular basis.
  4. It provides 30 day cookies and live stats, maximizing your revenues and making your work even easier.

A picture paints a thousand words, so just try the plugin right now on your first AliExpress webstore – and see for yourself!

Over 7,500 AliExpress affiliates love AliPlugin

Here’s what our customers had to say:

Get several professionally designed themes that you can easily change  and customize with AliPlugin

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Get The Most Powerful Plugin for AliExpress Affiliates!

AliPlugin allows you to add thousands of AliExpress products to WordPress website quickly and easily.

The Plugin will put your affiliate ID in all links back to AliExpress, so you get commission for all sales referred to

With AliPlugin You Get:

  • Stable Passive Income
  • All Support You Need
  • Earning From Day One
  • Full Autopilot Business
  • Unlimited Profit
  • Reliable Business Partner

Easily Search

Easily find desired products on to add to your website. Specify a category, keywords, price, commission rate, purchase volume and more to find best products.

Post in Minutes

Save time by posting HUGE amount of products all at once. This way, you can have thousands of products automatically added to your site in just a few clicks.

Go International

Get sales and earn commission from all over the world. Using AliExpress Program and the Plugin you are not limited with any local or specific market.

Live Stats

Easily check how many products are loaded to your website, how many views and redirects to AliExpress each of your products gets.

Auto Updating

The Plugin auto updating system is keeping your product info fresh with the latest data from AliExpress.

Auto Translation

Use special module connected to AliPlugin that allows translating products titles and descriptions into more than 40 languages in one click.

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