Quizzes-How To Use Them In Your Social Media Marketing

How To Use Quizzes In Your Social Media Marketing Strategies
How To Use Quizzes In Your Social Media Marketing Strategies

When it comes to social media marketing, the kind of content you deliver will rely heavily on factors like focus, quality, influence, and value. Leveraging these “laws” for social media marketing can heighten your audience and customer base dramatically, and as a…Read More

You might’ve already come across the answer several times in a single day; I mean, who hasn’t taken one of those silly quizzes that you see on social media networks? But that’s also our point. These silly quizzes are one of the most underrated types of content that every marketer should at least try once.

Social media quizzes have the innate ability to draw in various types of audiences based on their content. Not only are they entertainingly engaging, but they provide so much value on a level that only marketers would notice. Social media quizzes are…Read More

Here Interact, we’ve helped over 10,000 brands create over 25,000 quizzes, so we know exactly what these quizzes are capable of. Because we’ve had so much experience with quizzes, we thought it’d be a great idea to fill you in on some of the best practices in creating your own quiz for your social media marketing.

Pick The Right Title And Quiz Type

When someone mentions a quiz, most people jump right to the idea of questions. This isn’t wrong, but that’s not where we’re going to start. A quiz starts with…Read More

The “Actually” Title – There’s a difference between “How much do you know about social media marketing?” and “How much do you actually know about social media marketing?” Subtle isn’t it? The mere addition of…Read More

The “Which (Blank) Are You?” Title – You might have come across this template in the form of “Which marketing thought leader are you?” or some other kind of variation. This is one of the…Read More

The “Celebrity Personality” Title – Take the previous title template and replace the (Blank) with a celebrity (or celebrities) of your choosing. This template puts a spin on the…Read More

The Personality Quiz – With the help of the “self-serving bias,” humans are naturally drawn to hearing good things about themselves. This is what makes this…Read More

The Knowledge Test – This is one of the more common types of quizzes that you’ll come across on social media. The knowledge test essentially challenges how much…Read More

Be A Part Of Your Quiz – Don’t just let your questions do the work for you. Become a part of your quiz by adding...Read More

Use Images To Liven Things Up – Quizzes that consist mostly of text are boring. We’ve had enough of those back when we attended school all of those years ago, so why not…Read More

Keep Things Relatively Short – People go through social media at an insane pace. You, at most, will have about five minutes to interact with someone online, so make it count. Try to…Read More

Include Incentives To Increase Opt-In Rates – Even if trading quiz results for contact information is a fair trade as is, there’s nothing wrong with…Read More

Request Information That You’ll Actually Use – At the bare minimum, most lead capture forms request an email address. It’s completely okay to request a first and last name to. This allows you to…Read More

Be Honest About Your Marketing Strategy – We aren’t talking about your entire strategy as a whole. Be sure to give your audience a friendly reminder that you’ll be contacting them soon. This is…Read More

Be Honest But Uplifting As Well – When creating your results, make an effort to compliment your audience. Positive emotions seem to…Read More

Use Images That Encourage Sharing – As much as we emphasized the use of images in your questions, this is where you really have to make it count. The image that shows up in the…Read More

Integrate Some Kind Of Call-To-Action – Your interaction with your audience doesn’t end at the results. Include a call-to-action to lead them back to…Read More

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