5 Ways To Build Trust With Email

How To Increase Trust With Email
5 Ways To Build Trust With Email

Email remains one of the most powerful ways to increase your sales, especially if you are an online retailer. But just emailing without a plan isn’t going to work for you. In fact, doing anything without a plan probably won’t work. But especially when it comes to emails.

According to a new study, trust and relevance are the two key factors people consider when they receive emails from small businesses. What does that mean? In order for you to increase your sales via direct marketing and email campaigns your list has to already trust you.

Here’s how to build trust.

1. Use An Initial Sequence

An initial sequence is something you send people right at the time they sign up for your list. This can be…

2. Email Regularly

You aren’t going to get a good open rate if you don’t email regularly. People should start to expect what they are going to get from you and so they aren’t in shock when they do receive it. This means…

3. Add Value

You want to educate and empower your email list. Don’t just send…

4. Segment Your List

If someone is not opening your email, get rid of them. They are bringing down your list and they won’t be opening your emails anytime soon. An inactive email on your list is not going to…

5. Personalize. Don’t Broadcast

71% of respondents to a recent survey reported being more likely to make a purchase if an emails was tailored to their likes and preferences. That means you should be…

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