Sexual Energy: How To Alchemize It Into Spiritual Energy

Sexual Energy: How To Alchemize It Into Spiritual Energy

Learn to experience the power held with our sexual energy and how it can be channeled into greater, more productive, aspects of our lives.

Sex is a powerful driving force of nature. It involves every form of life, whether plants, animals, or humans, everyone conforms to its power. Hence, it makes complete sense that most of our energy stems from our libido.

The sex drive or the sexual energy is an extremely powerful feeling that is capable of temporarily eliminating rational thought and consumes one’s reason of existence.

The sexual desire we experience is a form of energy. This powerful and potent energy can be transformed into other forms of energy, in our case, spiritual energy.

The power that lurks behind sex is essentially creation itself. It is the force that gives birth to all forms of life. Throughout history, people have channeled their sexual energy into other areas of life such as passion and artistic expression.

In this case, we will talk about channeling this powerful energy into our spiritual energy in an attempt to achieve higher states of consciousness.

Taoist and tantric energy practices are just some widely known forms of countless other practices that enable the utilization of the power hidden within sexual energy. According to Yogic philosophy, sexual energy remains dormant until it is harnessed in its most potent form: Kundalini.

Similarly, the Kabbalah viewed sexual energy as the deepest form of spiritual expression one can attain.

When one seeks out shamanism, they are often required to…

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Crunchy Zucchini Fritters with Avocado Dill Dip


Zucchini Fritters

If you’ve never had the chance to try  zucchini fritters then this recipe is for you!

These fritters are unbelievably easy to make, low calorie, and the perfect way to sneak in some veggies! I’m warning you that this recipe will undoubtedly make your taste buds dance. They are jam packed with all of the right flavors and they are healthy for you! It’s almost guaranteed that this will be a household favorite.   This will definitely please adults and children alike. Hope you Enjoy Your Zucchini Fritters!

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15 Plants and Herbs That Have Antibacterial and Antiviral Benefits

 Many Spices And Herb For Health Background Stock Photo

15 Plants and Herbs That Can Heal And Boost Lung Health, Heal Respiratory Infections And Even Repair Pulmonary Damage

A wave of viral and bacterial infections is sweeping across the Northern Hemisphere and people are taking longer to heal from an array of symptoms within the respiratory system. If you are resorting to conventional medicine to address these infections with antibiotics, you are not only adding to the problems associated with antibiotic resistance, but you’re also doing little to address the healing mechanisms within your body to address the cause. Herbal remedies not only boost lung health, but they can heal infections and even repair lung damage. Here are 15 of the best herbs to boost lung health.

    Licorice is one of the more widely consumed herbs in the world. In Traditional Chinese Medicine it occurs in…

Coltsfoot has been traditionally by Native Americans for thousands of years to strengthen the lungs. It clears out excess mucus from the…

The toxic breakdown of therapeutic compounds in cannabis from burning the plant are totally avoided with vaporization. Extraction and inhaling cannabinoid essential oils of the…

Plus 12 more Powerful Plants and Herbs that Heal…

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Salts: Different Types of Salt and Their Benefits


What is Salt and How Does it Affect Health?

Salt is arguably the most important ingredient in cooking.

Without it, most meals would taste bland and unexciting.

However… not all salt is created equal and there are many “types” to choose from.

We have Himalayan Pink Salt, Kosher Salt, Sea Salt, Celtic Salt (to name a few)… and then we have plain old refined table salt.

Not only do they differ in taste and texture, but there are also some differences in mineral and sodium content.

This article explores the most popular salt types… then at the end, gives you a direct comparison of their nutritional properties to help you make the right choices.

But first, let’s take a look at what salt is and why it’s such a controversial ingredient among health experts.

Salt is a crystalline mineral made of two elements, sodium (Na) and chlorine (Cl).

Sodium and chlorine are absolutely essential for life in animals, including humans.

They serve important functions like helping the brain and nerves send electrical impulses.

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Chocolate Banana Popsicle’s Recipe (Dairy-Free)


We think chocolate and banana go together like summer and ice cream, so we’ve brought them all together in one place for these cool and creamy Funky Monkey Pops. Best of all, they are made with less than 10 simple ingredients that you probably already have on hand.

Making your own freezer pops at home is easy and you get to control what goes inside. No preservatives, no dyes, no artificial flavors or thickeners. Just real food ingredients.

Big chunks of fresh banana are frozen into a lightly sweet and chocolatey coconut milk base, dipped in dark chocolate and chopped almonds, and then sprinkled with sea salt for a guilt-free treat that’s sure to beat the heat this summer. Both kids and adults will love these Funky Monkey Pops. In addition, they’re dairy-free, egg free and Paleo-friendly.

No popsicle molds? No problem! You can make frozen pops in just about any small, freezer-safe container you have. Possible options include…

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If Your Body is Acidic. Here is what you NEED to Do

warburg acidic

“All normal cells have an absolute requirement for oxygen, but cancer cells can live without oxygen – a rule without exception. “Deprive a cell 35% of its oxygen for 48 hours and it may become cancerous.”

Our diet plays a vital role in maintaining proper pH levels in the body. PH balance is the balance of acid and alkaline in all fluids and cells throughout your body. Your body must balance the blood’s pH levels at a slightly alkaline level of 7.365 in order to survive. Unfortunately,  the typical American diet consists primarily of toxic and acid-forming foods like processed sugars, refined grains,  genetically modified organisms, and etc. This  leads to unhealthy acidic pH. An imbalanced pH can interrupt cellular activities and functions. Excessively acidic pH can lead to many  serious health problems such as cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, osteoporosis and heartburn. If you keep your body  in an acidic state for a long period of time, it can drastically accelerate aging. Robert O. Young   in The pH Miracle, says, that most health problems arise from being acidic. This is because parasites, bad bacteria, viruses, and candida overgrowth thrive in acidic environments.  But an alkaline environment neutralizes bacteria and  other pathogens.

Therefore, maintaining pH balance  is one of the important tools to optimizing your health.

Home remedies for acidity

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8 Lessons We Can All Learn About Love

Image result for royalty free pictures of couples in love

8 Beautiful Lessons We Can All Learn About Love

Love is the essence of life. It is everywhere present, even in your every breath. When you open your awareness to love,  you fill your life with love, you feel more and more alive. You feel at peace.
You may have many material things in life that make your life more comfortable, but if you don’t feel love, no matter how many material things you have accumulated that make you feel safe, you will feel as if something is missing. Love is that which brings a sense of aliveness and a sense of purpose.

One thing we all have in common with one another in our life journey is that all of us are searching for love.

This search might not even be a conscious thing. Deep within ourselves we all want and desire it. We all desire that connection with others.

As humans,  we tend to alienate ourselves from our truth, that is to love and be loved. We deny ourselves true love and hold up high walls so others can’t get in.

In order to help you break your wall down and allow others to love you, these 8 simple but powerful lessons are an important read!

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Yoga Symbols-A Beginner’s Guide

om symbol

Yoga Symbols-A Beginner’s Guide

Some of the symbols below you might already recognise, some may be completely new to you, but we’ll explore the depths of their roots in history, how they came to be so central to the practice of yoga, as well as how they might help you on your personal journey.

This is a sacred symbol that represents the vibration, sound, and consciousness of the universe. It is very widespread, due to its central resonance and importance to yoga, particularly for its sound. If you ask a kid to show you how to meditate, they’ll probably sit, cross-legged, eyes closed, chanting “ommmm”.

The reason this sound is so important in yoga is because it is thought that the creation of the universe began with a vibration, which became the sound “Om”. This concept originates from Indian religions such as Buddhism, Hinduism, and Jainism.

The written sign itself also symbolises the different states of our lives: awake, asleep, and something in between. A is our wakeful state, experienced with our five senses, U is our dream state, neither conscious nor unconscious, and M represents deep sleep, and our hidden consciousness.

The Buddha

Buddha means “he who is awake” and everyone probably recognises this deity. But his story reveals why he so central to the practices of meditation and yoga, and why his symbolic presence is so central to meditation.

The Hamsa Hand

It is now held up by many faiths to protect against the “evil eye” – an omen of bad luck, and evil spirits and energies.

The Chakras

Chakra is a Sanskrit word meaning “wheel” a center of energy in the body that spins like a wheel.

Plus Three More” Yoga Symbols” You Need To Know…

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Chakras – A Beginner’s Guide

Chakras — A Beginner’s Guide To The 7 Energy Centers

Chakras – A Beginner’s Guide

You have probably heard about chakras – or maybe seen them as visualized colorful circles running down the areas of the human body. But in reality, what is the meaning of a chakra? Or more importantly, do these areas exist and have effect on our personal lives?

The truth is, chakras are elements of our energy. Now, every body has an energy field which is in tight bond with the earth’s energy field but also makes us unique.

According to science and religions such as Hinduism, Buddhism and Taoism, our energy is placed along our bundles of arteries, nerves and veins, creating a life force grid, in the form of energy wheels called chakras.

Chakras: The 7 Wheels Channeling One’s Flow Of Life

Chakras are also known as cycles of life, death and re-birth. In their main generalization, there are seven chakras present in each human body — as areas in which the flow of life and energy is highly concentrated.

From the base of the spine to the crown of the head, here are the 7 chakras:

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