How To Breathe New Life Into Your Email Marketing

How To Breathe New Life Into Your Email Marketing

How To Breathe New Life Into Your Email MarketingEmail Marketing is my favorite marketing channel for growing a business quickly and effortlessly. Unfortunately, far too many small business owners let their Email Marketing slip by the wayside while they get lost in a sea of “to do lists” and other low priority tasks. If that’s the case for you, here are some quick tips for breathing new life back into your Email Marketing today…

How To Overcome Your Email Marketing Fears

First, let’s address something very important: are you AFRAID of Email Marketing? Let me put that another way — does sending out Email Marketing messages send chills down your spine? Do you go hiding in the corner praying that nobody hits the “unsubscribe” button immediately after sending out your latest Email Marketing campaign?

let’s get something straight right now: You are in business to make money. Period. End of story. Full stop.

How To Revive An Old, Stale List

The most common problem with Email Marketing I see is people let their list go “cold.” In other words, you don’t send an email to your contacts for 3 months or longer. Personally, I would describe a “cold list” as one that hasn’t received some form of email communication from your business within 45 days. There’s simply…

How To Clean & Prune Your List

It’s also important to keep your list clean. When people unsubscribe, remove them (if your system doesn’t do so automatically). When people stop responding, engaging, or opening your emails, you should have a way of tracking that behavior and slowly moving people OFF your list to keep it nice and clean and filled with active contacts. At the very least, you should…

How To Make Your Future Email Marketing Consistent

Finally, you need to make a schedule for all of the Email Marketing messages you’ll be sending out to your list. The key to list engagement is to be consistent and regular. Create a sense of…

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